All vehicles can break down so whether you pay £100 or £100,000 for a car one day you will inevitably be stranded by the roadside.

The obvious thing is to switch on your hazard lights to warn other motorists that you present a danger, provided it isn’t an electrical problem or a flat battery that caused you to break down and that your hazard lights still operate.

You then remember that you have a warning triangle with you so you get this out and assemble it and place it 45m (UK Government recommended distance) to the rear of your vehicle, possibly putting yourself in danger from other traffic.

A new product just announced could help alleviate possible dangers. It’s called Hazard Alert and is a patented, independent warning device that can be fitted and operational within 15-seconds and doesn’t rely on your car’s electrical system.

It runs from its own power source for up to three hours or can also be connected to an in-car universal (cigar) socket. Hazard Alert is similar in size to a number plate and s just 20mm thick.

Hazard Alert costs £44.33 and is available now from ENDS.