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A very warm welcome to totalkitcar online ……..Geoff Martin’s event at Aylesford Priory last Sunday was another successful day and had better support this year. I still think it could – and should – be busier though as it gets a good attendance.

For the first time though there was manufacturer support in the shape of Hambly Sports Cars and their Primo GT (a resurrection of the Cox GTM), which is now nearing completion. We also debuted our latest project car, the RPS RPX and its Citroën Karma Purple (with a handful of additional help in the lacquer!) seemed to go down well… 

Our RPS RPX MG TF-based project car made its debut at Aylesford Priory last Sunday

We’re really pleased with it however and have been impressed with how it went together and the support from Garry and Julie Hutton at RPS Ltd – plus we must also thank our friends at Car Builder Solutions, MJS Auto and Marine and Kingswell Coachworks…

One bloke even wanted to buy it there and then and drive it home. He even offered to give us a lift home…

Great to see Cam McKenzie’s old GTM Libra still looking fine albeit in new ownership

A 454 big block takes the cobwebs away

Before Mark Grinnall found fame producing Scorpion III three-wheelers, he converted several hundred Triumph TR7s into Grinnall V8-spec…

Nice Hawk hot rod. I didn’t know that Gerry had made a rod.

Here’s a very nice Hawk 289

Like this window sticker













TKC Mag MAY/JUNE 2017 is out NOW and available in good – and bad – newsagents, via mail order and also on ALL digital platforms…

We’ve got plenty of stuff for you this issue, dear reader and here’s just a flavour of what we have for you…

Lister Bell Automotive Lister Bell is doing rather well at the moment with their STR V6 Lancia Stratos replica and we recently visited their discreet ‘Skunkwerkes’ in deepest Nottinghamshire countryside.
SSV Bug:R Lee Noble returns with his first kitcar since the Noble M10 of 1998 and the brilliantly-named Bug:R is rather good.
EXO Sports Cars Grasping the exo-skeletal concept with relish, EXO Sports Cars offers a raft of attractive models to suit all tastes and pockets. Bike engine; car engine, whatever you like …
All you need to know about Tapered Wheel Bearings  Rob Marshall gives us the low-down on tapered wheel bearings. How to fix them, where to buy them and crucially what NOT to buy.
Ford Zetec Turbo Conversion The Ford Zetec is a superb engine for kitcar use. What can you do though if you are itching for more power? How about fitting a turbo?
Project OMG Our RPX (MG TF-based conversion) continues with some housekeeping on a few engine jobs that needed doing.
Longstone Tyres ‘Tyres aren’t just tyres’, so says Longstone Tyres boss, Dougal Cawley. If you’ve got a kitcar requiring that just-so period look in the wheel and tyre department then Dougal and his team can help.
Ultimate Cobra Replica Build? Barry Boughton is a very interesting man. He is also building arguably the ultimate AK 427 Cobra replica. He continues his build, this issue.
Lucas Oil UK Profile You might imagine that Les Downey’s Lucas Oils UK operation has been around for ever, wheareas in reality they started in the early noughties. In that time though they’ve taken a good share of the kitcar oil market. We recently paid them a visit.
NuBodi Koupe Tribute Automotive offers a huge range of body conversions based around Mazda MX-5 and BMW Z3. These days Chris and Dan sell most of their kits via their build agent, Nubodi Automotive. Here’s a really special demonstrator that the Berkshire-based company has recently built.
From the Archives Go on, hands up. When was the last time you saw a feature on the Albar Sonic in a magazine? We go the extra mile for you at TKC Mag.
Reader’s Drive – Dave Tilson’s Hawk Ace Hawk makes a great range of replicas. Dave Tilson has just built a great Ace replica…



Lancastrian David Boler ran a popular exhaust fitting centre in Oldham and was also the man behind this quirky-looking hot rod creation that he called the Boler T-Bone.

He had previously raced an Elva Courier MkIII and Cox GTM so it’s entirely known what prompted his desire to produce a Model T-inspired kitcar. Early examples were built on the first floor of his exhaust shop and hoisted to the ground when completed.

They moved to a bigger premises in Greenfield in 1972, which incidentally is the same building later occupied by Harold Dermott’s D&H Fibreglass, later Midas Cars.

T-Bone body was steel panels with GRP wings and what was described as ‘substantial’ ladderframe chassis underpinning the whole ensemble. Ford Cortina provided the running gear, transmission and engine.

Boler’s celebrity mates, comedian Bernard Manning and fire-eating clown/magician, The Great Stromboli, both owned T-Bones and the latter even decked his out with fireman’s ladders and buckets!

Between 1971-74 we reckon about thirty T-Bones were sold.

SNIPPETS 1………It’s full steam ahead now for Car Fest South, which I’m told is a complete sell-out and our Kitfest area is complete and located in a very prominent spot alongside a phalanx of mainstream manufacturers, which will be interesting.

Therefore, the 100,000+ crowd over the three days will quickly become aware of the products of the kitcar manufacturers exhibiting our stand, thus introducing people to cars they were possibly hitherto unaware of.

It’s a proven fact I think that when people discover ‘our’ cars they tend to respond very positively. We’ll all be doing our utmost over the August 25-27 period to promote this great industry and if you’re one of the lucky ones to have tickets for the show, do come and see us. You’ll find us lauding it with the ‘big boys’.

Our list of exhibitors is as follows:

AB Performance

AK Sportscars

Aries Motorsport

DJC Kit Cars

GD Sports Cars

Gardner Douglas Sports Cars will be at Car fest South

Exo Sports Cars

EXO Sports Cars will be at Car Fest South

Lister Bell Automotive

M.A.N Motorsport

MNR Sports Cars

Pilgrim Motorsports

Westfield Sports Cars

Westfield Sports Cars will be at Car Fest South

SNIPPETS 2………The roadside assistance market is witnessing an exciting evolution, with the launch of a ground-breaking pay-on-demand service called RESQYOU. The membership alternative is a new ‘no strings attached’ service, shifting the market away from the traditional roadside assistance club membership model to meet the ever-growing consumer appetite for digital on-demand services.

RESQYOU is powered by Allianz Global Assistance, an expert in the field of roadside assistance with over 35-years’ experience in providing premium manufacturer branded roadside assistance schemes.
Its launch across England, Scotland, Wales and parts of Ireland follows a successful pilot of the service in Bristol, Avon and surrounding areas.  

RESQYOU offers motorists 24/7 safe and reliable roadside assistance delivered by its own extensive nationwide network of industry accredited motoring technicians. Users simply request assistance through the website or pre-download the free, easy-to-use RESQYOU app on their smartphone ready for when they need it.  

We’re more than happy to support this great charity at TKC Mag/totalkitcar – get it checked out boys.


With straightforward but essential assistance services available, and clear up-front pricing, the user can easily identify and request what they need – from punctures and flat batteries to mis-fuelling and towing, even requesting a car locksmith for when keys are locked in the car.   

Motorists will only pay for the service they require, when they require it. Drivers can benefit from choice and convenience with no annual fees, membership or monthly charges.

Users can track in real-time the journey and estimated time of arrival of their technician. For concerned friends and family, RESQYOU has a ‘Family View’ function, where people can link accounts and monitor the status of the assistance call-out. Also available to those who haven’t pre-downloaded the app, motorists requiring assistance can request help in just a few steps online at www.RESQYOU.co.uk.  

Allianz Worldwide Partners. Kate Walker, Head of Strategic Market Management for Allianz Worldwide Partners in the UK explained, “The traditional motoring club model alone simply does not offer the financial flexibility many consumers are demanding today. What’s more, a wide and growing range of services are available at the tap of an app; in fact, that is how many people expect to make purchase decisions now. RESQYOU responds to this shift, bringing tech savvy motorists the choice, control and convenience they expect in today’s market.” 

*The RESQYOU app offers three products:

£79.99 Assistance Only –  Thirty minutes of roadside or home assistance for flat battery, flat tyre, keys locked in car and out of fuel.

£99.99 Recovery Only – Non-starter, thirty minutes of roadside assistance and recovery up to ten miles from assistance location, accident recovery and major mechanical failure.

£249.99 Wrong Fuel – Removal of fuel, drainage, flushing and cleaning of tank and pipes, and a fuel top up.
The RESQYOU app is available from the Apple Store and Google Play
For further information visit www.resqyou.co.uk

SNIPPETS 3………Crikey, you wait for one camper van-based kit conversion to arrive and then two come along at once. We reported on MEV’s superb new VW T5 conversion last week and this clearly prompted Dick-Bob Kvetnansky to get in touch with news of his A1 Attack Homester.

If the name sounds familiar this is because Dick was behind perhaps the greatest ‘one that got away’ car ever produced, the K1 Attack.

His new Homester is far removed from his Honda-based two-seater and is an RV-type conversion that suits Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxster, Citroen Jumper and the US Dodge Ram ProMaster.

The Homester unfolds to become a two-story, ‘home’ on wheels…available in Lite, Ricardo and Dakar variants, with kit prices starting from €36,840. The Ricardo features more sophisticated equipment levels and would require longer to build, while the Dakar is for the outdoor sports fan and is the top of the range model.

More information from www.a1attack.com.


Thanks for letting me know that you’ve been enjoying these fun little album tips. They are intended to bring you some great music – usually of a ‘crunchy’ guitar blues rock variety – that you may not have heard, or a reminder of a past glory, while also being easy to find on Apple Music and Google Play.

I’ll always remember where I was when I first heard George Thorogood & The Delaware Destroyers. I was sitting in the passenger seat of my dad’s Onyx Green Mk3 Cortina GXL outside of Partco in Windmill Road, Croydon in (I think) 1978 while he bought parts for some cars he was working on.

Listening to Andy Peebles on Radio One I was amazed at a couple of tunes he played back-to-back by a ‘new American rocker’ called George Thorogood and the sound of ‘I Can’t Stop Loving’ and ‘Madison Blues’ and I went straight down to the record shop in Portland Road, South Norwood next to the swimming baths and bought the EP, which also included a great cover of the Chuck Berry track, ‘It Wasn’t Me’…

I’ve loved The Destroyers ever since and I’ve recently been playing their 2006 album ‘Hard Stuff’, which is often overlooked. It shouldn’t be as it includes rockers like – ‘I Got My Eyes On You’, ‘Any Town USA’, ‘Cool It!’, ‘Love Doctor’ and ‘Love Doctor’ and in my view it was his best effort since 1997’s ‘Rockin’ My Life Away’. Well worth checking out.



Thanks for the über positive feedback over this beer-orientated weekly item. It’s our weekly real ale recommendation as with over 800 micro-breweries in the UK, cask beer drinkers are spoilt for choice. Let’s just point out that we definitely don’t condone drink/driving rather than enjoying a pint in moderation during your leisure time…

I was in Worcestershire this week at the excellent Tally-Ho Inn located in Broadheath and enjoyed a couple of pints of Ludlow Gold, a light-coloured ale of 4.2% ABV with notes of papaya, pineapple and lemon and a soft, creamy taste. Excellent. More from www.ludlowbrewingcompany.co.uk.

Right, until next Friday (August 4), when I look forward to welcoming you to these pages again, I wish you a superb week and so until then do enjoy your driving but please take care out on the roads.

See Ya…

Best Regards