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A very warm welcome to totalkitcar online ……..Wow, what a great event this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed was. Odd thing to say, thinking about it, because every year at FoS seems to beat the previous ones.

Sure, the once half empty – and favoured by me – Friday was rammed once again and yes a GRRC member was heard moaning about the coach-loads of corporate visitors turning up only for the prawn sandwiches, Pimms and to collect autographs of drivers they’ve heard of cos they’ve ‘seen ‘em on the telly’…

GOODWOOD – If it’s Goodwood Festival of Speed then you can be assured of a good display by The Red Arrows…

GOODWOOD – Former Caterham Cars and Zenos boss, Ansar Ali is now in charge of McLaren Special Ops department, which offers a bespoke service to ‘standard’ McLaren models

GOODWOOD – Car Craft Zero or Sun Roadster? Nah, it’s a genuine Fiat (Vignale) Gamine…

GOODWOOD – Oooh look, Ford is using Jakabi Abster front grilles on their new Fiestas!

GOODWOOD – TAXI! You’ll be seeing thousands of these on London’s roads soon. New electric taxi.


GOODWOOD – Brian Redman in the green Vanwall lines up alongside Sir Jackie Stewart…


GOODWOOD – …and away he goes!

GOODWOOD – Cartier Style e Luxe display surpassed itself this year. Loved this glorious Fiat 500-based Zagato Zanzara designed by Ercole Spada.

To be  honest, I did witness a very silly person, who in their rush to get their little book under Nico Rosberg’s nose, nearly knocked double world champion Emerson Fittipaldi and Arturio Merzario over the hedge and into Chichester, completely unaware who they were. 

Anyway, the Pimms tents were doing silly business, the Veuve was flowing like the River Thames, the beers and posh burgers were indeed expensive, the crowds were everywhere but as a spectacle, as a motoring event, Goodwood Festival of Speed is still very hard to beat. Personally, I favour Silverstone Classic but if FoS wasn’t on the calendar, just imagine (with dread) how much we’d yearn for it and miss it. A sign of an iconic event in my book…

TKC Mag MAY/JUNE 2017 is out NOW and available in good – and bad – newsagents, via mail order and also on ALL digital platforms…


We’ve got plenty of stuff for you this issue, dear reader and here’s just a flavour of what we have for you…

Lister Bell Automotive Lister Bell is doing rather well at the moment with their STR V6 Lancia Stratos replica and we recently visited their discreet ‘Skunkwerkes’ in deepest Nottinghamshire countryside.
SSV Bug:R Lee Noble returns with his first kitcar since the Noble M10 of 1998 and the brilliantly-named Bug:R is rather good.
EXO Sports Cars Grasping the exo-skeletal concept with relish, EXO Sports Cars offers a raft of attractive models to suit all tastes and pockets. Bike engine; car engine, whatever you like …
All you need to know about Tapered Wheel Bearings  Rob Marshall gives us the low-down on tapered wheel bearings. How to fix them, where to buy them and crucially what NOT to buy.
Ford Zetec Turbo Conversion The Ford Zetec is a superb engine for kitcar use. What can you do though if you are itching for more power? How about fitting a turbo?
Project OMG Our RPX (MG TF-based conversion) continues with some housekeeping on a few engine jobs that needed doing.
Longstone Tyres ‘Tyres aren’t just tyres’ so says Longstone Tyres boss, Dougal Cawley. If you’ve got a kitcar requiring that just-so period look in the wheel and tyre department then Dougal and his team can help.
Ultimate Cobra Replica Build? Barry Boughton is a very interesting man. He is also building arguably the ultimate AK 427 Cobra replica. He continues his build, this issue.
Lucas Oil UK Profile You might imagine that Les Downey’s Lucas Oils UK operation has been around for ever, wheareas in reality they started in the early noughties. In that time though they’ve taken a good share of the kitcar oil market. We recently paid them a visit.
NuBodi Koupe Tribute Automotive offers a huge range of body conversions based around Mazda MX-5 and BMW Z3. These days Chris and Dan sell most of their kits via their build agent, Nubodi Automotive. Here’s a really special demonstrator that the Berkshire-based company has recently built.
From the Archives Go on, hands up. When was the last time you saw a feature on the Albar Sonic in a magazine? We go the extra mile for you at TKC Mag.
Reader’s Drive – Dave Tilson’s Hawk Ace Hawk makes a great range of replicas. Dave Tilson has just built a great Ace replica…



Quantity Surveyor Colin Robertson was the man behind the very promising Estivo a sharp-looking two-seater that appeared in 1983.

Robertson’s intentions were to sell the car in fully built form, however, in late 1983 he began offering kits but there was less than a small handful of takers. I suspect it was the mundane Austin 1100 (Morris 1300) running gear that did for it while the promise of Allegro and Maxi variations didn’t help.

All too soon the Estivo was gone, although it made a similarly fleeting reappearance as a fully built car in 1985 under the control of Equus Cars. Once again it only just out-lasted the Mayfly…

SNIPPETS 1………Once again this year’s Central Feature outside Goodwood House at the Festival of Speed was the work of Gerry Judah and this one featured five Formula One cars chosen to celebrate Bernie Ecclestone’s career and involvement in Grand Prix racing. 

Gerry Judah maintained his staggering standards with this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed central feature celebrating the career of Bernie Ecclestone.

Each car had a link to a different aspect of Bernie Ecclestone’s career, such as the Connaught, for which he was entered as a driver in two F1 races in the 1958 season, and the championship-winning Brabham, from the period when he owned the Chessington-based team.  The other cars were a Lotus, Ferrari and a Mercedes, reflecting his time in Formula 1 management, which culminated as F1 chief executive

This year’s frontispiece features some impressive numbers –

Thirty-five metres high

4000-man hours to fabricate

500 bolts 

300-tonne capacity crane to put it up 

65-tonnes total weight

Twenty people to fabricate 

We’re more than happy to support this great charity at TKC Mag/totalkitcar – get it checked out boys.

16-tonnes heaviest base segment

Eight steel box sections

Eight people to erect on site

Six weeks to fabricate and install

Three cranes needed for assembly 

Two weeks to take down 


SNIPPETS 2………Heard from Bruce Southey this week, half of the Rocketeer operation. They produce a superb Jaguar-based V6 engine conversion to suit Mazda MX-5 and therefore kitcars based on the same.

Since our feature in the May/June 2017 issue of TKC Mag they have been busy. They’ve just commissioned tooling for their components and are still on course for production to begin later this summer.

First customer engines should be delivered by the end of August while a slightly revised version for MX5 Mk2 is also nearing completion. For more information visit www.rocketeerltd.com. 

SNIPPETS 3………Speedsters and Spyders – The Club is one of my favourite kit-flavoured group of people and their excellent magazine, the rather appropriately-named, The Speedster, edited by none other than our very own sub-editor, Vernon Mortimer has just issued the ninety-ninth edition and once again it’s full of Speedster-related reading matter. Jolly good it is too. Congrats to all concerned for the impending century.


Thanks for letting me know that you’ve been enjoying these fun little album tips. They are intended to bring you some great music – usually of a ‘crunchy’ guitar blues rock variety – that you may not have heard, or a reminder of a past glory, while also being easy to find on Apple Music and the Android equivalent.

Many people automatically assume, probably understandably, that the excellent track ‘Jet Airliner’ was written by Steve Miller. Actually, although Miller found commercial success with it, the late, yet superb Paul Pena is the man responsible.

I must confess that I’ve only just become aware of him but I’m glad I found his stuff. Suffering from an illness that rendered him blind from a young age and that ultimately killed him, the man was a mega-talent.

For some reason his catalogue is very hard to find on Apple Music with just one album, albeit the excellent ‘I’m Gonna Make It Alright’ seems to be available and even then it doesn’t feature ‘Jet Airliner’ (You’ll have to search YouTube for that – it’s worth it, trust me) but a very good album it is nonetheless. Check it out …


Thanks for the über positive feedback over this beer-orientated weekly item. It’s our weekly real ale recommendation as with over 800 micro-breweries in the UK, cask beer drinkers are spoilt for choice. Let’s just point out that we definitely don’t condone drink/driving rather than enjoying a pint in moderation during your leisure time…

A Northern pint this week. From Rochdale, Lancashire to be precise and Brewers Gold from Pictish Brewing Company. It was a welcome visitor to a local micropub (have you been to one yet? Marvellous) and is a refreshing, thirst-quencher pale session ale of 3.8% ABV.

It features a powerful, spiciness and a hoppy finish and is well recommended. Just make sure that if you are a southern boy, you get the ‘sparkler’ taken off the tap unless you want to end up with a creamy pint, which isn’t usually to our taste. More from www.pictish-brewing.co.uk.

I think that’s about it from me this week, so I’ll let you carry on enjoying the site, but I’ll just pause briefly to thank you for visiting and to wish you a great seven days. See you next Friday (July 14). Do enjoy your driving but please take care out on the roads.

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