Here’s another great little device to tell you about and I’d classify it in the same handy and easy-to-use category as the Blink Home Security system I told you about a few weeks ago.

Tile Mate is a discreet tracker that can be attached to anything – luggage, wallets, purses, backpacks, clothing – and shares the location of things via a smartphone or tablet.

Tile Mate is 25 per cent smaller the Tile Original, the world’s best-selling Bluetooth tracker, and it’s lighter.
Users can ring their things with one of Tile Mate’s four pre-set ringtones, or use it in reverse to find their phone – even if it’s on silent. They can also see the last place they had their item on a map, and if the item has been moved, use the Tile community to help them find it again.

The product retails at £23 from Tile, Amazon, John Lewis, Argos, Curry’s PC World, Carphone Warehouse and Maplin. Four-packs are available for £65 from ENDS.