The subject for our ARCHIVE section this week just happens to be the Cape Advanced Vehicles CAV GT and we’ve covered the model history on our STEVE SAYS page but as the car remains available in its homeland of South Africa while they also have a new UK distributor too, in the shape of The Autostore, based in Cambridgeshire.

Taken over by Auto Futura in 2005 they soon reverted back to the CAV marque name and currently offer three versions of their GT40 replica, with the classic GT featuring the Gen3 version of their stainless steel monocoque and Porsche 930 transaxle.

Power comes from Ford V8s either a 347ci with carbs delivering 450bhp or a 305ci Coyote unit delivering around 410bhp.

The company also offers the more GT+, which they say modernises details up with stuff like electric windows and bonded-in glass although it retains the key architecture of the classic GT package.

Then comes the GT-R, a stripped-out track orientated version that currently isn’t available in the UK.

Talking of these shores the new dealer, The Autostore, offers professional car storage facilities at their discreet site near Cambridge with more information available from 01223 872 879 or or for CAV’s South African site visit ENDS.