Interesting press release received on Monday morning which got the week off to a joyous little start.

It was from an Italian company, Caselani FC based in Cremona and is news of their new body panel conversion kit that takes a Citroën Relay (or Jumper or a Peugeot Boxer or 2006-on Fiat Ducato) and turns it into a Citroën Hy van, which this year celebrates its seventieth anniversary.

Skilled laminator Fabrizio Caselani and designer, David Obendorfer are the people behind the tribute to Flaminio Bertolini’s 1947 corrugated van that has suddenly become the must-have accessory for street food vendors.

Initially, a limited run of seventy fully built examples will be on sale from around £40,000 and they are based on the BlueHDI 1997cc van with around 130bhp, with the 160bhp version costing around £900 more. If you want luxury then a Pallas-spec is available at about £3500 extra.

In addition to the ubiquitous panel van body, Caselani also offers a four-wheel drive version, a food truck, a minibus, a campervan, a motorhome or even a tow truck.

Panel kits for DIY conversion will be available soon although prices have yet to be announced for this option. We stuck this on our Facebook page this week and it went ballistic with people either hating it or loving it…

More information from ENDS.