New EXO Sleeve from DEI offers your wiring, hoses and oil, brake and transmission lines not one but three, levels of protection.

At the centre, sitting next to the loom, line or hose to be protected, is a layer of high temperature resistant braided glass material woven into a sleeve. This protects from continuous, direct heat up to 500°F and up to 2000°F intermittent heat. It also provides a soft cushion that protects the line from impact, abrasion and shrap objects.

The inner braided glass core is surrounded by a 100 per cent silicone rubber coating that protects against water and damage from other fluids as well as providing electrical insulation and further protection against heat.

Finally, on the outside there is a T304 stainless steel mesh covering that provides tough protection against impact and abrasion in addition to air flow around sleeve.

As well as protecting the line within, EXO Sleeve also protects the mechanic from burns during repairs and maintenance.
Each pack includes a 16in length of DEI Fire Tape to finish the cut ends.

EXO Sleeve is made in the USA and is available as:
Part #010872 3/8in i/d x 3ft – Black
Part #010873 1in ID x 3ft – Black

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