A manufacturer keeping a very low profile but producing high quality work while doing it, while also being extremely busy with orders and builds is Warwickshire-based Speedster Clinic run by the superb character that is Gary Blundall.

Gary and his small team offer several models on the Porsche 356 theme, including 356 Speedster, 356 Coupe and his new 356 Pre-A (he’s also got a couple of other secret new projects up his sleeve, too!).

Several things set Speedster Clinic apart including the fact that they offer their kits in bolt-on, using shortened VW Beetle floorpan guise or their ‘Deluxe’ kits that use Gary’s own chassis.

He starts with a Beetle ‘pan but removes the standard floors and replaces them with a tubular and adjustable frame head. Floor sections are then added along with an outer sub-chassis and fixed one-piece CAD-designed bulkhead, which is welded into an all-new box section frame along with CNC-bent sills. This all makes for a super stiff structure, which is 300mm shorter than a standard Beetle’s floorpan.

This also provides the benefit of a more centrally-positioned seating arrangement with a useful increase in usable cockpit space.

Discover more at www.speedsterclinic.com ENDS.