There are plenty of companies selling two-stage paint protection systems although I’m sure many of them have a ‘D Holliday’ as their director. Being cynical for a moment, I’d love to know how many new car dealers make a killing on selling a magic coating to their customers and charging up to a Monkey for the privilege.

Fact is that some of these processes do work, but let’s not get silly with price eh? Actually, this real-world solution from Airglide Ltd is a really high-quality product at a pocket-money price.

Their Single Car Paint Protection process is an acrylic polymer-based product applied in two stages, with the first a deep clean and the second containing a nano-particle protective layer, which when applied forms a clear protective layer.

When using the product on aeroplanes, Airglide Ltd give a two-year guarantee, while for car use they reckon a five-year lifespan is achievable. So, in a nutshell it cleans, it shines and then it seals.

You’ll find subsequent road-dirt attacks will be easier to remove, while your polishing sessions will take less time and require less elbow grease. Airglide won’t stop your car getting dirty it’ll just make it easier to clean and give you a headstart to a wicked shine.

Worked well on the trusty TKC Mag/totalkitcar X5

We’ll be putting this two-stage product through its paces in a future issue of TKC Mag. Stay tuned…

The two-step process comes in a kit and costs £65 and is available now via ENDS.