The Peter Stevens-designed Barchetta 595 is a little gem of a kitcar and is soon to return in kit form. We’ve been keeping you updated with developments over the recent months and will have the EXCLUSIVE FIRST ROAD TEST FEATURE in the July/August issue of TKC Mag.

New company, Bespoke Vehicle Developments, has been busy on the re-named 595S, aided by the engineering expertise on the new chassis by Steve Milburn of Speed 3 Automotive and as a result although the footprint is shared with the original and visually you’d find it hard to tell the two apart, under the skin the new car is a whole different league.

BVD boss, Mark Hill brought me up to date with latest developments this week and his passion for the project is infectious. He really has gone to town with the revisions.

The chassis is all-new, which is now joined by double wishbones, front and rear and double adjustable Protech dampers and an Aprilia Mille bike engine bringing symphonic aural delight and a potent punch of 174bhp, which in a car weighing 350kg means a power to weight ratio of 441bhp per tonne! Bear in mind that the Stevens original had something like 35bhp!

Doors and panels now release via linear actuators (no handles or buttons) and the car rides on air-jacks to allow height adjustment, although road comfort hasn’t been neglected thanks to the sumptuous leather interior.

Mark has come up with an ingenious device for reverse gear, using a caravan mover, which is linked to a separate drive gear. This will also be offered to owners of other bike-engined cars. More info on this coming soon.

Safety has been thought of with Smart ForTwo crumple zones front and rear and a collapsible Mini (R56 model) steering column linked to a Smart ForTwo rack and for taller drivers the pedals will be adjustable.

This all sounds extremely exciting and we can’t wait to bring you more information and photos on the finished article.

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