If ever a process was ideally suited to the world of kitcars it has to be 3D printing. Small batch components, or obsolete stuff that’s rarer than a quarter light for a Gordon Keeble.

Brilliant. So, what’s the catch? Well, price. It is still unbelievably expensive. Or is it? Work out the cost of a one-off component that has to be tooled-up for or cast or is completely unobtainable and the cost per unit can be more palatable.

One kitcar manufacturer, Vortex Automotive, run by Chris Greville Smith has really grasped 3D printing and has had some new mirror casings made for its V2 model and the result is pretty impressive. They have been made to a thickness of 4mm (0.157in) and can be produced in increments of just 0.09mm.

Vortex mounts the mirrors using a production car ‘arm’ that features the requisite ‘spring action’ demanded by the IVA test regulations.

More information from www.vortex-auto.com ENDS.