New kit from Goodridge that will appeal to Mazda MX-5 fans and kitcar-owners using the iconic Japanese sportscar as a donor vehicle.

Goodridge’s kit will offer hugely improved brake efficiency offered by modern braided hoses, unrivaled reliability and longevity, and a complete absence of that most irritating and potentially dangerous of traits, brake pedal sponginess. Owners even have a choice of ten distinct colours to pick from, meaning that there’s no danger of saddling their pride and joy (and let’s not forget, rapidly appreciating classic) with garish, clashing hues.

Goodridge’s position as the world’s leading manufacturer of performance fluid transfer systems means that they’re perfectly placed to push brake line development on and drive innovation, but this hasn’t come at the expense of quality or careful product design. The firm’s reputation for technical excellence and dependability has been cemented by superb attention to detail and customer care.

A good example of this can be found in the within the line itself, namely the fact that no universal fittings are employed in the kit – all components are designed and manufactured to suit individual applications. It’s also worth noting that every line is comprehensively pressure tested before it leaves Goodridge’s state of the art factory so that customers can have absolute confidence in its functioning. Little wonder Goodridge brake lines are TUV, DOT, ADR and ISO approved.

Price:    £79.94 inc. VAT SMA0112-4P  (zinc plated)

Price:    £84.98 inc. VAT SMA0112-4C (stainless steel) ENDS.