It’s often the little things that make the biggest difference to how a car drives, and rarely has this rung truer than when discussing MX5Parts’ range of aftermarket interior parts, and in particular their new leather clad gearknobs.

Based upon the firm’s already highly successful chrome gearknobs, the leather clad versions can be had in either red, black, light or dark tan, and will fit any MX5 with a manual transmission up to the Mk3.75 (1989-2015). Weighing in at a chuck-able 170gm, the leather gearknobs promise an improved gear shift experience, and therefore an improved driving experience overall.

Fitment is both simple and swift, and doing so requires no specialist tools. The huge difference they promise to make to the MX5 driving experience, coupled with the affordable asking price, look set to make these gearknobs one of 2017’s ‘must have’ products for MX5 owners. They are available in Black, Light Tan, Red and Dark Tan!

The gearknobs are priced at £32.40 inc VAT

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