For years Jaguar specialists have understood that the stock ignition system on the XK 3.8/4.2 E-type engines leaves much to be desired in terms of reliability and its lack of tuning potential.
This has led many owners to consider fitting a fully-mappable, wasted spark ignition system but, while the ECU and harness is straightforward enough to source, finding the hardware has been problematic and costly as often the only solution has been to custom make the parts.

Webcon is therefore delighted to launch an ignition system hardware kit for the Jaguar XK engine, comprising everything you need including trigger disc kit, coil, leads and mounting kit, bulkhead plate, ECU mounting board and, for Weber DCOE equipped cars, a throttle position sensor, and for SU equipped cars, a MAP sensor. The only things not included in the kits are the ECU and harness.
The components have been developed and designed by Webcon, are of the very highest quality and will significantly simplify the fitment of mapped ignition to the XK 3.8/4.2 straight six Jaguar engine.

The kits are available as follows:
SU cars K57601SLE
Weber cars K57601WLE

Both packages are priced extremely competitively at just £755 inc VAT.
Available from 01932 787 100 or via ENDS.