ACL Race Bearings are precision manufactured to a wall thickness of ±0.0040mm giving engine builders close control of vertical oil clearance.

These bearings help to optimise high-pressure oil film generation for better bearing load transmission and increased durability. They also help to provide predictable and consistent oil pressure and flow through the engines’ oil galleries.

They provide tighter control of bearing clearance, which is linked to improved bearing load transmission and increased durability; this reduces stress on other vital engine components. ACL race bearings are well proven for their durability.

Big end sets are available for Small Bore and Cooper ‘S’ and 1300 except Cooper ‘S’ with mains sets available for Pre A+ and Early A+ 1300 and for A+ 1300.

All are available in standard and +010. Prices start at £71.52 inc VAT per set.

More details from 01707 607 700 or ENDS.