Forge Motorsport has released a high-quality CE-marked alloy jack that’s perfect for owners of lowered show or race vehicles, allowing them to lift their vehicles safely, without damaging sills or trims.

It’s hard to argue that a lowered car doesn’t look much better than one at standard height, but this new-found poise can introduce problems when trying to jack it up. With the sill height being so much lower, most standard jacks are too high to be able to slip under the vehicle.

With so many aggressive-looking cars on its own fleet, Forge sought to find the best quality jack, with the greatest number of features at the most sensible price point. The result of their efforts is this shapely number, which is rated up to 1.25 tonnes, making it suitable for most small and medium sized cars.

Ideal for show cars, the Forge jack also features a non-slip rubber pad for safety, which also has the added benefit of ensuring that your perfectly detailed chassis leg doesn’t get graunched. Entry height is a mere 8.5cm (3.35in), but when raised, the jack can lift to an impressive 37.5cm (14.75in).

Light in weight, thanks to a primarily alloy construction, the Forge jack is finished in an attractive red and silver anodised finish, in order to give years of faithful service. The perfect garage companion, whether you’re looking to keep your car in top condition, carry out routine servicing – or chase this season’s trophies.

The jack is priced at £87.99 inc VAT with more information from ENDS.