The boffins and designers at Autoglym’s UK HQ have clearly taken a leaf out of the beauty industry’s book with their latest product release; the all-new Ultra High Definition Shampoo.

Keen to make washday something of a multi-sensory experience, Autoglym has gone all-out to create something really rather special with this latest product, with a shampoo that looks good, works incredibly, smells divine and even feels fabulous! It’s not just the car that’s going to enjoy this experience, that’s for sure!

Let’s start with the lather… the last time you saw foam this thick and luxurious, you were either in the bath, seriously larging it in Ibiza, or putting out an airport fire! The Ultra High Definition Shampoo creates creamy, dense and long-lasting suds that feel wonderful to the touch, as well as providing the perfect way to safely pull dirt and detritus from the bodywork, allowing the sponge to glide effortlessly across each panel.

Then there’s the fragrance; a gorgeous tropical redolence that wouldn’t smell out of place in your morning grooming routine. Well, if you’re going to be out on the driveway for at least half an hour, you may as well enjoy the complete experience, hadn’t you, really?

To make sure it’s kind to you, your car and the environment, Ultra High Definition Shampoo has a totally pH neutral formulation, which means it’s kinder to skin, but hard on dirt. Best of all, it provides unparalleled cleaning performance without stripping or removing previously applied wax and polish from bodywork.

Arriving in a smart presentation box that wouldn’t look out of place in either your whisky cabinet or en-suite dressing room, Autoglym Ultra High Definition Shampoo also makes a fabulous gift, whether that’s for yourself, your car, or for the petrol-headed personage in your life. Don’t think it’s just another shampoo; this is car care that truly ticks all the boxes.

UHD will initially be available exclusively from Halfords. Visit your local store or click to with an RRP of £17.50.

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