If you’ve been to Stoneleigh since 2009 you might have seen a very special-looking Lotus Seven-inspired sportscar wearing aluminium body panels, wearing an ‘MB1’ moniker.

It’s the handiwork of Martin Batho, a sheet metal worker from Nuneaton and was based on the trusty Locost chassis, featuring a mix of Ford Sierra and Triumph Spitfire components. Martin says that he would regularly get requests for body panels, which unusually he could satisfy because unlike a lot of ‘specials’ builders he’d created full tooling for his car.

Martin’s previous day job saw him work on all manner of projects from the mundane to Jaguar D-types, so he knows his way around an English Wheel and can handle sand-bags and dollies for fun. Last summer he set-up Batho Sports Cars to supply full kits for his MB Roadster, which is priced at just £3465, and includes a Locost-inspired chassis and full aluminium bodywork. Sounds like a marvellous price that, actually.

Customers can opt to go Locost or Haynes Roadster route, with a Ford Sierra differential, independent rear suspension while many engines can be used, including Ford Zetec, which Martin has installed in his MB1.

If customers want to purchase individual components rather than a full kit, this is an option and front cycle wings cost £30 each, rear wings at £150 and a set of front wishbones aret £175 per axle set. In addition Martin can offer all sorts of other metal-based services and fabrication work. A welcome new arrival.

Visit www.bathocars.simpl.com or 07854 360 633 ENDS.