Now here is a FANTASTIC product and one that is absolutely ideal for totalkitcar/tkc mag readers and kitcar enthusiasts in general. Have been using one a dual camera Blink system for a while now and it WORKS.

It concerns Blink, the affordable, wire-free, home security and HD video monitoring system, that it is now available in the UK.

Blink is a battery-powered home security and HD video monitoring system that’s simple to set up and use, giving peace of mind to people who worry about the security of their property while away. It provides a watchful eye and one-click connection to the home through the free Blink Home Monitor app for iOS and Android devices.


As opposed to traditional security systems, which add video as an afterthought and may have ugly wires that require professional installation, Blink offers quick and simple do-it-yourself installation, as well as a stylish, totally wireless, and innovative design including HD video technology with motion and temperature sensors.

When Blink detects motion, it immediately sends a push notification alert and HD quality video to the user’s smartphone so that they may instantly see who is at the door or wandering around their home. The system is entirely accessible via the Blink App, giving users the flexibility to arm/disarm, live stream video, and check status remotely, anytime and from anywhere.

Peter Besen, CEO of Blink commented: “We’re absolutely thrilled to bring Blink to the UK. We already have UK users who have bought the product from the USA. The beauty of Blink is that it is totally wireless and the battery life is now over two years.”

Blink has unprecedented image quality, battery life (two years on 2 x AA lithium batteries), aggressive price point (systems start at just £109.99, far less expensive than competitive systems) and simplicity (do-it-yourself set up in minutes). Its motion-activated video alerts and live view options deliver instant peace of mind from any location directly through the Blink Home Monitor app, making it the perfect solution for homeowners, renters, small business owners, second home owners and many more.

UK Pricing

One camera system*               £109.99

Two camera system*               £189.99

Three camera system* £259.99

Additional single camera         £89.00

*All systems include a wireless base station sync unit

Available from – Pricing includes VAT.


For more information, visit ENDS.