Renovo’s convertible car care range has successfully grown over the past several years with a large database of customers who love to give feedback and ask questions on how best to renovate and care for their soft-tops.


Frequently after a Renovo client has used these soft-top products they will ask if Renovo has products for the interior of their prized possession too. These questions have inspired Renovo to create a range of five new interior care products, so automotive owners can quickly invigorate black leather and black carpets also effectively clean, proof and protect their interior wood and plastics, likewise leather and carpets of any colour too.

The development of Renovo Carpet Reviver (available in black) was motivated by enquiries asking if Soft Top Reviver could be used to re-colour faded and old, tired carpets. Renovo chemists formulated Carpet Reviver to not only re-colour jaded carpets but also clean, protect against superbugs and UV light also proof them against spillages that can cause stains together with a pleasing ‘new car’ fragrance to complete the package.

Renovo Carpet Ultra Proofer was the natural progression from Carpet Reviver as not everyone has black carpets so this is a neutral product suitable for any colour carpet that will clean, protect against superbugs and UV light also waterproofs and proofs them against  spillages that can cause stains with that same fragrance too!

The creation of Renovo Leather Reviver (available in black) was driven again by Renovo customers, also some Renovo distributors desiring a simple and effective method to renovate scuffed and tired looking leather interiors. This superb product works wonders re-colouring scuffed areas whilst cleaning, protecting against superbugs and UV light also proofing against spillages of liquids that can mark leather. Renovo added a ‘new leather’ scent to take one back to those days when the leather was brand new.


Renovo Leather Ultra Proofer again a natural progression from Leather Reviver for clients’ whose car leather interiors are not black but are still in need of cleaning, protecting and proofing against harmful spillages. This neutral product gives amazing results on all colours of leather making them gleam and again the treatment is completed with that “new leather” aroma too!

Interior Ultra Proofer formulated to care for the area of a car that we all look at the most, the dashboard, it is perfect for all the other plastic and wood fascia too! Removes sticky finger marks, dust and dirt with the added benefits of superbug and UV protection.

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