Bridgestone’s revolutionary DriveGuard tyre has received the ultimate endorsement after being crowned as the Auto Express Product of the Year for 2016 – just two months since its UK launch.

DriveGuard, the touring tyre, which allows drivers to continue their journey for 50-miles at up to 50mph, has been recognised for its ability to allow ‘more drivers the enjoyment of tyres that don’t need to be changed immediately when punctured.’

With its reinforced sidewalls and proprietary cooling fin technology, Bridgestone DriveGuard tyres give drivers additional peace of mind by reducing the risk of an accident caused by a puncture.

It is not restricted to a factory-fitment on specific brands or car models and can be fitted on to most cars equipped with TPMS, which is mandatory in Europe on new cars since November 2014 and gives a potential reach of 32 million vehicles to be equipped with DriveGuard in 2016.1

In addition, DriveGuard offers best in class performance with no compromise on wet or rolling resistance as supported by the excellent EU tyre Label values (A for Wet Performance and C for Rolling Resistance).

The tyre was officially launched in Monaco in January 2016 and is now being seen in tyre dealers across the UK, having been stocked for the first time in April.

In the official Auto Express report on DriveGuard, the magazine stated: ‘By making the tyre lighter than rival designs, Bridgestone has removed the requirement for suspension and chassis to be tuned specifically for a run-flat.

‘Bridgestone has dealt with cost – the other major reason for owners to shun run-flats, after ride quality. When we fitted DriveGuard for our test, we found it was marginally cheaper than the T001.

‘The arrival of DriveGuard means many more motorists can enjoy the benefits of tyres that don’t need to be changed immediately when they puncture, while not worrying about the ride quality or the steep price. Even after all these years, this is a revolution for run-flats.’

Bridgestone’s north region managing director Robin Shaw said: “To win the Auto Express Product of the Year award represents a huge coup for us all and we are naturally thrilled to receive this endorsement.

“We always believed that we boasted a game changing product for the enduser that would leave a lasting impression with motorists. For Auto Express to refer to DriveGuard as being revolutionary reinforces our view, not least with so many other worthy products also in line for the accolade.

“We hope that motorists will enjoy the benefits of DriveGuard and will think of the product as a valuable extra safety system for their car.”

Bridgestone’s Auto Express award arrives on the back of another accolade for DriveGuard at The Reifen Show 2016, where the product scooped an innovation award in the technology and products category.

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