I was very impressed with DNA Automotive’s new model the 2fifty at Stoneleigh show last week and I wasn’t the only one.

It’s the Redditch operation’s interpretation of a classic Italian stallion from the sixties, based on BMW Z3 floorpan and mechanicals. The body conversion turned a lot of heads at the show.

Kit prices start at £7140 inc VAT, which buys the body panels and other parts to get you on your way. The other parts required can be sourced by the customer or in stages from DNA although some are specific to the kit. This includes the lighting pack, grilles and bracketry and comes in at £2923.20 inc VAT.

You’ll need to allow for a suitable Z3 donor (obviously) and paint but if you’re careful DNA reckon that a DIY build could be completed for around £15,000. Alternatively, give them your donor car and £23,400 inc VAT and they’ll give you a completed 2fifty back.

More information from or 0121 326 8800 ENDS.