Racekits, already known for their Falcon 750 Formula self-build kit is now offering the Merlin, aimed at the 750 Trophy Series.

The car will have the correct look of the pre-1973 cars already racing in the series and will have similar chassis parts and engines. All the components used for the suspension and running gear are of readily available classic car parts.

The 750 Trophy Series is said to be the lowest cost race series that uses purpose-built race cars giving real race car handling. Engines are mainly Reliant 850cc OHV units with the 750 Coventry Climax as an option.

Being a self-build kit, the owner can do as much or a little as they wish. Racekits will build cars to any stage of their construction with pro rata costs and supply the remainder for self-build, which start at £3050. Alternatively they can build a full turnkey version for those without the time to self-build, with prices from £8000.

Racekits, run by father and son team, Martin and Andy Kemp, made their kitcar show debut at Stoneleigh in May with the Falcon.

Martin told me more about the thinking behind the Merlin: “The car is designed to run in the 750 Trophy series. This is different from the 750 Formula, which includes modern cars like our Falcon.

“The 750 Trophy is a race series for older cars such as Austin 7 racers and includes a class for pre-1974 750 Formula cars. Because there is a shortage of suitable cars available, newly built cars are allowed if they conform to the pre-1974 regulations and are built using components from that period.  The Merlin will be a very simple racing car built to this requirement but as a new car it will also conform to current MSA regulations.

“It would also be suitable for trackdays and would make a fun hillclimb car, although would not be suitable for conversion to a road car.

“The car is front-engined and use Triumph Spitfire front uprights, hubs and brakes and  a modified Morris minor rear axle with a shortened Reliant propshaft.

“Straight cut, close ratio gearsets are still being made for Reliant gearboxes as these are still used by most 750 Formula cars. Any gearbox from a pre-1974 car can be used such as Spitfire, Vitesse, A-series and Vauxhall Viva. However for these, gearbox length needs to be considered and the gearlever position might need modifying.“

If the kit were the basis of a dedicated hillclimb or trackday car then other engine/gearbox options could be possible.”

More from www.racekits.co.uk or 01252 320 664 ENDS.