Very much looking forward to sampling the new MEVSTER the latest product from the prolific pencil of Stuart Mills and Mills Extreme Vehicles.

New MEVSTER based on Mazda MX-5

Following his liking for the Mazda MX-5, the MEVSTER retains the donor’s running gear, using lots of it, thus offering an affordable build price and superb performance. With the MX-5 weighing a pie-swerving 985kg the MEV comes in at just 665kg and in addition to the engine and gearbox, it utilises standard suspension, steering, driveshafts and wiring loom plus a host of other, oft expensive, fiddly sundry items.

What is really cool is that once you remove the MX-5’s body, all components stay in situ (although a refurb of key components would be recommended), and then you add the MEVSTER chassis frame and bodywork.

Kit prices start at £3594 inc VAT and buys you the fully triangulated chassis, GRP front and rear sections, GRP windscreen frame, dash moulding and side panels, brake pipe, mesh grille and a fastener pack. When it comnes to a colour choice to match your mood and heart’s desire you can select from  white, black, red, orange, blue, green, yellow.

Affordable, buildable and just what a kitcar should be - FUN!

Optional extras are chassis powdercoating at £364 inc VAT, a pair of GRP seats at £237.60 inc VAT, roof/rear panels £364 inc VAT and a complete lighting set including headlights and rears indicators and reflectors at £364 inc VAT.

More information from or 01623 655 522 ENDS.