Another new product from Viper Performance is its new matt black classic hose option available on all the silicone hoses in their range.

A special finishing process dulls out the surface, removing all the sheen from the black silicone hose. The finished product looks just like the original rubber hoses, but has all the advantage of top quality modern silicone and will not crack, expand, or shrink over time.

It’s ideal for classic cars and kitcars, which often spend a lot of time parked-up over winter months in the garage.

Because this is an additional process during manufacturing the take longer to produce and Viper do not hold this option in stock, but you can order it on any of the hoses in their range.

Viper’s Matt Black ‘Rubber-Look’ hoses are supplied unbranded to maintain the original ‘rubber-look’ and priced according to the application.

More details from 0845 095 3423 or from ENDS.