Newly available from 3J Driveline Ltd is the NXG (NeXt Generation) ‘English’ limited slip diff (LSD), which the makers claim is the strongest, most progressive and versatile LSD unit available on the market.

The 3J plate pack always run with eight active surfaces, even in lighter settings, giving maximum surfaces and area contact during use.

The unit can fine finely tuned to suit the application in association with 3J’s range of ramps (two per unit), with the bevel and planet gear pack designed to give the smoothest mesh and strongest tooth profile helping to eliminating ‘rattle’ and back-lash.

Dual ramps are available in 30/90, 40/90, 30/60, 45/45, 50/90, 30/60 plus more by request.

The NXG LSD retails from £642 inc VAT with more information from or via 01926 650 426 ENDS.