Warwickshire-based tool company, Kamasa, has recently introduced this very versatile precision tool kit (part no: 56049), which offers so much more than just the usual precision screwdriver set.

The compact, yet comfortable, and grippy, driver can extend to 110mm and has a full complement of bits: flat (seven bits, 1mm-4mm)), Posidrive (three bits, 00-1), Phillips (five bits, 000-2), hex (nine bits 0.7mm-4mm) and star (10 bits T3-T20). Especially ideal for precision applications.

A truly useful 190mm flexible shaft is included and also a magnifier for those tiny fixings. Terrific value and available now for a typical price of £11.99 but check your local Kamasa stockist for the best prices and special offers.

Further details from www.kamasa.co.uk ENDS.