Mini Spares High Capacity Water Pumps were designed for overseas use where it’s ofeten warmer than the UK.

These higher capacity pumps move more coolant than the stock ones and are of better quality.

They have a much larger impeller that sticks into the block slightly more than the usual ½in and is made from cast iron, rather than stamped steel as with many aftermarket pumps.

This water pump will fit all 1275cc blocks and most 998/1098 from 1969-on.

The use of a high capacity water pump helps to reduce cavitation in the water jacket, particularly at high RPM, as well as circulating a greater volume of coolant. Further reduction of cavitation can be achieved by using a large diameter water pump pulley (Mini Spares – CAM6408) as originally fitted to the Cooper S and re-introduced on the A-Plus engines.

Available as GWP134 with by-pass hose take off, GWP187 without take off.

Retail price £16.69 inc VAT with more details from or 01707 607 700 ENDS.