According to the AA the most common cause for vehicle breakdowns in winter is a flat battery.

Mechanics and technicians should see winter conditions as an opportunity to generate extra income by testing the vehicle batteries.

Battery analysers or testers provide an accurate way to check the cranking ability of vehicle batteries. This will indicate if there is a need to replace or recharge the battery. If replacement is needed, the garage benefits from an additional sale, while the customer gets reassurance that they have a fully healthy battery going into winter.

To help mechanics this winter, Ring has launched two battery analysers and two battery load testers.

The RBA600 and RBA50 are both 12v Battery Analysers that utilise microprocessor control, which can analyse and test the battery capacity without applying a load, providing faster more accurate results. Each unit has the option of selecting the battery capacity and rating system of the battery up to 1700CCA.

Batteries can be tested in or out of the vehicle with these units and have reverse polarity protection built in.