Twenty-first century technicians working on twenty-first century motor cars need twenty-first century tools and this new set from Laser Tools includes ten specialist sockets that are essential for today’s automotive servicing. If you have not got the specialist tool you cannot carry out the specialist job.

Included is a 10mm special six-point socket for the Toyota idle wheel centre screw, a 6mm special six-point socket for Nissan and Renault clutches, the 8mm special six-point for Nissan cylinder head and balance shaft screws, 12mm six-point for Nissan head bolts, an 8mm special three-point for Nissan balance shaft screws, a 10mm pentagon for the Nissan Fuel pump, a 14mm pentagon socket used on the latest GM applications, a 19mm pentagon used so often now on Citroen, Peugeot and Renault brakes; and a 20mm 10-point to dismantle the Honda Civic lower control arm.

The sockets are all impact-quality and supplied on a socket rail to keep them all in one place.

This new socket set is available now at a price of £36.70 but remember to check your local Laser Tools supplier for the best prices and special offers.

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