WELCOME TO TOTALKITCAR ONLINE ………I hope you’ve been having a great week and that despite the often inclement weather you had a superb weekend. The sight of 1000 boats parading down the Thames brought a lump to my throat, particularly the Dunkirk ‘Little Ships’. Fab.

SNIPPETS 1…….. SHOW UPDATE – NEWARK – Hopefully building on the buzz from Stoneleigh, this year’s Newark show seems set to be a corker with both Razor and Penguin Buckland B3 Mk2 due to appear at the event, which takes place on June 16/17 at NEWARK & NOTTS SHOWGROUND…organiser Kevin Musson tells me that latest additions to the exhibitor’s list are: RAZOR CARS and FRS.

2012 marks the thirtieth year of Newark shows and in addition to the trade and manufacturers in the main show hall, the event always has a strong line-up of outside traders and owners clubs, while from a personal point of view it always manages to produce rarities and oddball vehicles.

Camping is available as is entertainment – and beer, lots of beer – in the Cedric Ford pavilion with entertainment on both Friday and Saturday evenings.

The showground is easy-to-find, located just off the A1 taking the A17 exit, two miles north of Newark and following signs to the ‘Air Museum’. If you want coordinates for your Satnav device punch in ‘NG24 2NY – Drove Lane’.

Adult admission is £10; Children (5-15) £2 and toddlers FREE as is camping and parking, while kitcar drivers also get in gratis.

Opening times are as follows:

Saturday June 16 – 10am-5pm

Sunday June 17 – 9.30am-4.30pm

More from www.kitcarshow.co.uk

Hawk Cars will be at Newark

SNIPPETS 2…….. Are council roads going to pot? The condition of council roads failed to improve between 2008 and 2011 according to new figures out this week from the Department for Transport.

The councils with the highest percentage of main roads requiring maintenance are Haringey (20 per cent), Camden (17 per cent), Oldham (14 per cent) and Reading (14 per cent).

The councils with the highest percentage of minor roads requiring maintenance are Newham (20 per cent), North Lincolnshire (18 per cent), and Haringey (18 per cent).

Although Newham still has a lot of roads requiring maintenance, it has improved its roads significantly, from 25 per cent requiring maintenance in 2009/2010, to 20 per cent in 2010/2011.

Of the 89 councils that provided data, 38 per cent reported that their minor roads deteriorated in 2010/11, 38 per cent of councils remained the same, and 24 per cent reported improvements.

In the same period, 40 per cent of councils reported deterioration in main road conditions, 38 per cent reported that their roads had remained the same and 21 per cent reported improved conditions.

IAM director of policy and research Neil Greig said: “Under the previous government local authorities had targets to improve the condition of their roads. While the old system of road maintenance targets wasn’t perfect, the effect of the coalition scrapping these targets is evident in certain areas.

“Extra central government money following recent bad winters and the public outcry over the state of the roads has helped to stem the tide, but only when we have a commitment to long term funding can councils really start to address the huge backlog of repairs.

“Poor road conditions damage vehicles, and are especially dangerous to cyclists and motorcyclists who can be easily thrown off course by potholes. They also put all road users at risk, as drivers take evasive action to avoid hitting them.”

SNIPPETS 3…….. The MAY/JUNE issue of tkc mag, is out NOW and is a bit special for us as we have not one but TWO editions of the magazine. One is the standard one for the shops with a lovely Marlin Sportster gracing the front cover, while the other is for subscribers ONLY and wears the MR2 Kits GTF, on its cover, or rather the door mirror of same and as such it’s a limited edition collectors’ item, although the content of both is identical.

SUBSCRIBE HERE (UK) and receive the special Stoneleigh Collectors’ Edition while stocks last (click the relevant links for EUROPE or REST OF THE WORLD).


Paul Rodgers needs no introduction, of course. I really liked Free and Bad Company and I’ve been playing Rodgers’ ‘Best of Free & Bad Co’ album this week, which contains all the very best stuff from both bands and my ears really pricked-up earlier this year when I heard rumours of a possible Free reunion tour, although they’d need someone special to play the Paul Kossoff parts, as he had a wonderful sound and tone all of his own. A majestic player.

Free and Bad Company also featured my favourite drummer of all time. The marvellous Simon Kirke…

That’s about it this week, so I’ll leave you to enjoy the site and look forward to welcoming you again next Friday (June 15), when we’ll have all latest pre-NEWARK news for you.

Dodge the rain and enjoy your driving – take care out on the roads – See Ya.

Best Regards