When one of the industry’s big guns announces a new model it pays to take notice. Got this press release from Gardner Douglas Sports Cars this week:

New GD T70moda will make its debut at Stoneleigh 2012

“Gardner Douglas Sports Cars Ltd. is proud to announce the introduction of the GD T70moda. The well-established GD T70, a car that can boast to be in the top 50 fastest laps of the famed Nordschleife Nürburgring circuit, has been given an all-weather, beautifully-designed panoramic canopy along with other subtle styling revisions for 2012.

The GD T70moda canopy was designed using the latest computer aided design software; their in-house design team worked meticulously to sculpt the curves and perfect every detail. Continuing the modern design approach, a state-of-the-art five-axis milling machine carved high density modelling foam to the exact shape. Gardner Douglas is known for their outstanding GRP work and this latest project is no exception.

The finished product uses a combination of GRP structures and pressure-formed polycarbonate, the latter chosen for its strength, clarity and scratch-resistance, while the canopy system is comprised of a tail screen with integrated high-level brake light, rear bulkhead partition, roll-bar support, gullwing doors and T-bar connecting piece.

This uniquely engineered solution allows the owner to use all or any of these components in whichever configuration they choose. With the full system in place, the T70moda can be used in all-weather conditions while providing the iconic body a coupe profile. The original doors are complimented by a pair of gull-wing windows, which can be locked in-position for security.

These can be fully-removed turning the car in to a targa-top, bringing the elements closer, along with the sensual excitement of wind in your hair. Complete removal of the roof is quick and easy and leaves very little trace behind should you wish to give your car the classic open-racer appearance. As an added comfort measure the uppermost areas of the gull-wing windows and tail screen are tinted, providing vital shade and helps to visually lower the roofline giving a sleeker profile. A fully functional air intake guides much needed air through to the engine bay while adding a distinctive aesthetic touch, which further boosts the GD T70moda’s desirability.

Development is nearing completion with first available viewings in May 2012.”

Now that is a serious development and launch for Stoneleigh 2012 and is sure to draw the Nottinghamshire manufacturer some serious attention, on what is always a superb display of the very best that the kitcar industry can offer.

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