Team MEV, consisting of Nottinghamshire manufacturers, Road Track Race and Mills Extreme Vehicles put on a serious display of power at Detling last weekend with examples of the complete range of models in their joint line-up.


There was the Exocet MX150R displayed on a special rig clearly showing the Mazda chassis thus highlighting the appeal of the MX-5 as a donor vehicle. I must confess to having a fit of giggles when a showgoer mentioned that he thought that the car must handle like a pig due to it being so high off the ground, not realising it was a display ‘dummy’.

Also on the stand was the revised tR1ke now featuring some lovely kit finishing touches such as a superb new rear brake arrangement featuring Hi-Spec caliper and ‘floating’ disc and some other bracketry upgrades.

Meanwhile, the Sonic displayed on the stand really caught eye, looking glorious in its metallic Porsche paintscheme. As a performance kitcar offering a little more space than the conventional Lotus Seven-inspired sportscar, it fits the bill perfectly while the use of Ford Focus as donor is an inspired one.

What with top-selling Rocket and Atomic also on the stand and the imminent Stoneleigh launch of the all-new MEVABUSA, all is well in the Team MEV garden..

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