New from GKD Sports Cars and due for unveiling at Detling show this weekend is a new supercharger package for the BMW 318iS ‘M42’ 1.8-litre or ‘M44 ‘ 1.9-litre engines that use an Eaton M45 supercharger from a BMW Mini Cooper S in addition to a new ‘coil-on-plug’ conversion kit they have developed.

In standard tune the M42 engine delivers 140bhp and 129lb/ft torque although GKD-boss, Peter Lathrope reckons that with a ‘charger added those figures will rise to 200bhp and 175lb/ft. A healthy boost. The real key of this revision is that it retains the standard BMW ECU and injectors, meaning that it should be a relatively simple DIY job to complete with no weight penalty because it replaces the bulky standard induction set-up…

Meanwhile the benefits of the ‘coil-on-plug’ conversion improves throttle response no end and should help reliability as there are no HT leads to go wonky!

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