An innovative wheel sealant, which was previously only available to car detailers and specialists has now gone on sale to car enthusiasts directly.

Wheel Seal & Shine, the unique alloy wheel sealant developed by Midlands-based specialists Planet Polish, has been released for sale to consumers in response to an unprecedented increase in demand from car owners across the country.

The product uses a scientifically developed heat defence formula to coat alloys with a smooth, invisible barrier which repels brake dust and its contaminating effects, removing the need for damaging acid or solvent-based wheel cleaners.

Users simply apply Wheel Seal & Shine onto their alloys after washing them, and the coating provides up to three months of continuous protection without the need to re-apply after subsequent washes.

The sealant is also ideal for car owners who are concerned about using carwashes which can cause significant damage to alloy wheels over time.

“This has become our flagship detailing product, and has been phenomenally popular amongst car and motorcycle detailers who have been raving about it on blogs and automotive forums,” says Eric Guy, director at Planet Polish.

“But recently we’ve begun to receive considerable interest from car enthusiasts directly. For serious enthusiasts who own classic cars, limited edition models or custom builds, or people who exhibit their cars regularly, alloy wheels are a crucial part of their vehicle.”

“We know how proud people are of their cars so we wanted to make our sealant available to the wider market so that car owners can buy the product directly and keep their alloys in showroom-ready condition.”

Planet Polish, based in Wolverhampton, manufacture and sell a wide range of specialist automotive products within the UK and across Europe. Each of their products has been specifically designed by car enthusiasts for the car care and detailing markets.

Wheel Seal & Shine is priced at just £8.49 and is available to purchase online at ENDS.