Critically acclaimed German coating manufacturer Permanon has launched in the UK, with its high-performance surface protection and cleaning products through UK distributor, Permanon UK.

Permanon, the revolutionary surface protection product manufactured in Germany, is used by the some of the world’s largest OEMs in the aviation, commercial vehicle, industrial and marine sectors.

The Permanon range of surface protection products is non-toxic, water based and bio-degradable. The advanced Permanon technology allows for rapid application of a transparent, highly durable UV resistant coating which is safe for all solid indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Dave Ashley, Head of Permanon UK commented:

“The technical innovation in Permanon products is phenomenal, but the single most popular benefit for users is the ease and speed of application. For example, a small to medium-sized car can be coated and protected in five minutes compared to a process sometimes taking several hours using conventional methods. Permanon can save end users time and money.”

“One question that we are repeatedly asked is how durable is Permanon, how long will it last? My answer is simple: by following some very easy maintenance guide lines, the surface can be protected continuously as the coating can be re-applied when necessary in minutes.”

This view is supported by Keith Lacey, general sales manager, Rybrook Specialist Cars who said:

“We recently ordered some Permanon PS Paste and I must say it was fantastic. It’s the only thing that has cleaned our tiles properly in our showroom having spent thousands of pounds on specialised cleaning; a £28 tub of Permanon PS Paste is the only thing so far to remove the tyre marks from our tiles – absolutely brilliant.”

“We also use Permanon Car Supershine on our specialist vehicles, which look fantastic, the vehicles seem to look cleaner for much longer periods and when we do clean the actual vehicle again it’s much easier to produce a showroom finish. Once again brilliant!”

All Permanon products are designed to protect polyurethane topcoats, automotive clear coats and other solid substrates such as glass, FRP, gelcoat, stainless steel, chrome, rubber, leather, granite, and solid surface products. Once applied dirt, protein stains, mineral deposits, brake dust and exhaust fume marks, are much easier to remove using the Permanon System.

For more information on Permanon please visit or call 0844 809 9360 ENDS.